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OpenGL 3D Lines with directx

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  I'm a beginner in this forum, I've been searching information about 3D lines, but I can't get this thing done.
  Last year I created a 3D interface with Leonar3do, drawing lines in 3D with opengl and see then with stereo glasess (with Nvidia Quadro). Now I want to do the same but with a gforce Nvidia.
  I've been searching documentation and i'm staring with the sample from the Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010). Works fine, I can see the letters in 3D....
   Now I want to create multiple 3D lines (I can draw 2D lines) and see them with the shutter glasses, but I can create them.
Please any help more than "You can use IDirect3DDevice9::DrawPrimitive using D3DPT_LINESTRIP as the PrimitiveType parameter" It will be helpfull

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Since you're using D3D9, you probably can use the D3DX line support. But really, thick lines are just a polygon strip (can be known as a "polyboard") that follows your polyline and which is oriented to give the impression that there is thickness (kind of like how particle effects traditionally are done).


Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics by Eric Lengyel has a section describing the technique and math behind it.



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Thanks for the answers!!!



I see the examples that come up with Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010), and a couple of hours later (watch the code step by step) I can draw some triangles and lines :D


Nice lines that yout show to me Amr0




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