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html gui performance

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I've been setting up a gui using a web browser for a while now and wondering how common this is and what can I expect in real world performance?


I have used qt and awesomium (awesomium was simpler to setup but qt seems more reliable and across more systems)

anyways its taking 2-4ms every time in needs to update the texture but can randomly take 30-40ms too often to overlook

my screen is 1080p and im receiving rgba data from the libraries I may have to try to figure out what they use internally to avoid changing formats I need to find a way to copy the data less too but trying to avoid opengl context switching so its a bit challenging


Is this a common practice?

What libraries do you use?

Am I getting expected results? (I have no clue what a 1080p rgba texture moving around in ram should take)


Simple test with google (today has no animations) at almost 1080p expanded window

173 total ms
173/17 = 10.1ms avg
Having a 43ms lag in a first person shooter isnt going to cut it so if this is going to be expected what can I do to hide the delay im not too familar with context switching but could I update it when I get a copy in another thread or what other ways can i be worked around?

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