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OpenGL Spotlight and shadowmapping issues

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I'm having issues with making shadowmapping for spotlights work as intended for an OpenGL 4.3 deferred renderer. The problem is described further below.


Here is the scene with the "shadowFactor" commented-out in the shader, so the scene is fully lit.




Here is the depth texture, from the lights POV:




Here is the pictures that show the problem, when the shadowFactor is Not commented-out. Note the white-spots on the edge of the ground plane; distant in the first picture, up-close in the second.






Here is the actual fragment shader for the lighting pass for spot lights:

    #version 430      
    layout(std140) uniform; 
    uniform UnifDirLight  
        mat4 mWVPMatrix;     // camera world-view-projection matrix
        mat4 mVPMatrix;      // the spotlights view-projection matrix
        vec4 mLightColor; 
        vec4 mLightDir;   
        vec4 mGamma;     
        vec2 mScreenSize;  
    } UnifDirLightPass;  
    layout (binding = 2) uniform sampler2D unifPositionTexture; 
    layout (binding = 3) uniform sampler2D unifNormalTexture;   
    layout (binding = 4) uniform sampler2D unifDiffuseTexture;  
    layout (binding = 5) uniform sampler2D unifShadowTexture; 
    out vec4 fragColor;                                       
    void main()    
        vec2 texcoord = gl_FragCoord.xy / UnifDirLightPass.mScreenSize;
        vec3 worldPos = texture(unifPositionTexture, texcoord).xyz;    
        vec3 normal   = normalize(texture(unifNormalTexture, texcoord).xyz); 
        vec3 diffuse  = texture(unifDiffuseTexture, texcoord).xyz;     
        vec4 lightClipPos = UnifDirLightPass.mVPMatrix * vec4(worldPos, 1.0);
        vec3 projCoords   = lightClipPos.xyz / lightClipPos.w;              
        projCoords.x = 0.5 * projCoords.x + 0.5;                         
        projCoords.y = 0.5 * projCoords.y + 0.5;       
        projCoords.z = 0.5 * projCoords.z + 0.5;       
        float depthValue   = texture(unifShadowTexture, projCoords.xy).x;  
        float shadowFactor = 0.0;                                         
        if (depthValue >= (projCoords.z + 0.0001))               
             shadowFactor = 1.0;  
        float angleNormal = clamp(dot(normal, UnifDirLightPass.mLightDir.xyz), 0, 1);
        fragColor = vec4(diffuse, 1.0) * shadowFactor * angleNormal * 

I can't see what really is the issue at hand. Any pointers?

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