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Method for getting an angelic effect

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Hey all, 

This might need to go into the beginner section, but I believe this is the place.


I want to create a sphere that exudes light from specific vertices. Some areas dark, and some areas shining light back out.


Here are my thoughts:

Use Nvidia's cg to create specific areas of refraction or reflection

Add various lights around the sphere


What I don't understand:

How to create custom lights (I'm using unity 3D)

-Something with random points of emission

-spot lights with short range and acute spot angle (multiple preferably from one light object)


Finally, what would be the most gpu efficient solution to creating an effect like this?


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I'm not sure you really want lights in this scenario. It sounds like the effect you're really after is God Rays (or Crepuscular Rays to the pedantic). Something like this:


These are often achieved a screen facing quad (billboard) with an appropriate texture on it and additive blending (see


In the case where you need it to be a little more 3D, you can make God Ray shafts out of long thin quads (a + shape in cross-section works quite well) they need to be additive blended and a texture to smooth out the edges helps. 

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