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[design dilemma] projectiles and moving targets

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i have this doubt:

what to do when i have a slow projectile like an arrow or a bomb thrown with hands but with his hit effect decided not by a skill shot mechanism (ie not a fps and not a dota/lol system where if the target dodge the projectile after he start flying it can miss)


so basically i have to decide at launch the hit condition and so the trajectory in case of hit

but if the target moves or even worse if the target  moves in a hard to predict way what to do?

-make the projectile "follow" the target (like adjourning its route if target change path) would lead to sometimes wierd or just ugly projectile paths

-make a fixed path coudl lead to sometimes a plain graphic miss when the shot actually hit in game 

-dont use slow projectiles?

-dont use moving targets ? :D


also i must add sometimes even if target move in a straight line or something it may result in really weird scenarios if the prediction is too heavy

"oh ehy i threw this bomb in that corner 15 sec ago, and oh look that marine run for 10 step, jump that hole, crouch behind the stair, eat a doughnut and now he explode! yeah i hit him!"

i mean its too much sometimes to see even if it was predictable.



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Hitting moving targets with slow projectiles *is* a skill-based thing :P It's partly predicting the target's movement and partly being lucky because the target didn't move too much.

For mid-slow projectiles ( like arrows ) I just make them follow the target, because there is a minimal error margin and I can get away with it. It "bends" it's path only slightly, so it's not too noticeable.

For the hand-thrown grenade I'd propose area-of-effect damage. That gives you a much larger error margin in your prediction. If you do any, at all. Since you've got a much larger error margin, I wouldn't sweat too much over prediction algorithms, if they are not required.

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