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2 questions: glMakeCurrent and screenshot

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Hi people! First, sorry for my grammar. I have two questions. 1) I have created within one thread four windows, each one with its device and rendering context, and I have a scene that I want to visualize. In my Draw(idView) function I do wglMakeCurrent(visualization_windows[idView].context.hDC, visualization_windows[idView].context.hRC); This function always returns 1, so it seems to work . The problem is that only draws my stuff in the first window that I have created. I do not get any errors, but seems to ignore the OpenGL calls in the other windows. This function, Draw(idView), is mainly called from the WndProc of the windows. 2) How can I take a screenshot (and sve in a .bmp, .jpg or whatever) of my OpenGL scene? Thankx. =] guille

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Well, I can answer your second question, taking a screenshot is simple. You just need to get the pixels of the screen, and put them into a bitmap and save, for instance, this is what I use for a 32 bit display:

GLubyte *temp_bits; // holds RGBA data

GLubyte *bitmap_bits; // holds RGB data

int viewport[4];
int bmp_width;
int bmp_height;

glGetIntegerv( GL_VIEWPORT, viewport );

bmp_width = viewport[2];
bmp_height = viewport[3];

temp_bits = new GLubyte[ ( bmp_width * bmp_height ) * 4 ];
bitmap_bits = new GLubyte[ ( bmp_width * bmp_height ) * 3 ];

// we need to copy the data from the frame buffer into the temp_bits

// then copy the RGB info from that into bitmap_bits

glReadPixels( 0, 0, bmp_width, bmp_height, GL_RGBA, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, temp_bits );

int b = 0;
for( int t = 0; t < bmp_width * bmp_height * 4; t += 4, b += 3 )
// eliminate A and reverse RGB to BGR

bitmap_bits[b] = temp_bits[t+2];
bitmap_bits[b+1] = temp_bits[t+1];
bitmap_bits[b+2] = temp_bits[t];

delete[] temp_bits;


header.bfType = ''MB'';
header.bfOffBits = sizeof( header ) + sizeof( info );
header.bfSize = sizeof( header ) + sizeof( info ) + ( bmp_width * bmp_height * 3 );
header.bfReserved1 = 0;
header.bfReserved2 = 0;

info.biBitCount = 24;
info.biClrImportant = 0;
info.biClrUsed = 0;
info.biCompression = 0;
info.biHeight = bmp_height;
info.biWidth = bmp_width;
info.biPlanes = 1;
info.biSize = sizeof( info );
info.biSizeImage = bmp_width * bmp_height * 3;
info.biXPelsPerMeter = 2952;
info.biYPelsPerMeter = 2952;

OFSTRUCT file_data;
int file_handle;

if( ( file_handle = OpenFile( current_screenie_path, &file_data, OF_WRITE | OF_CREATE ) ) == -1 )
Error( "ERROR: cannot create new screenshot file." );
return -1;

// write data to bitmap

_lwrite( file_handle, (char*)&header, sizeof( header ) );
_lwrite( file_handle, (char*)&info, sizeof( info ) );
_lwrite( file_handle, (char*)bitmap_bits, bmp_width * bmp_height * 3 );

_lclose( file_handle );

delete[] bitmap_bits;

// now update current_screenie_path for the next time this function is called

sprintf( current_screenie_path, "screenshots/shot%d.bmp", screenie_number );
last_screenie_time = GetTickCount();
LogInit( "Screenshot taken.\n" );

return 1;

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Thanks for your code.
I have tried, but seems to copy not all the pixels values (the image is in poor black and white, and a little translated), and I dont know why...


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Guest Anonymous Poster
ScreenHunter: http://www.wisdom-soft.com/downloads/downloadfiles.htm

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