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SDL 2D particles tutorial

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It's not that difficult to have a working particle system:


create a Particle class (or struct) with attributes like




color / texture


life (how much time it "lives")

elapsed (start from 0 and increase at each frame by the amount of milliseconds elapsed)


then create a ParticleManager / Engine / whatever that 

- take care of start a particle effect

- updates each particle every frame

- destroys the particle effect at end


So, your particle engine will have to generate at some position given by you a certain number of Particles, each with a random position near its origin, a speed, a color etc.

At every frame check if

foreach p in Particles -> p.elapsed >= p.life

If yes, kills the particle, if not update its position by its speed and direction (and maybe color alpha)


When no particles remains, destroy and clear all.


Really, it's a nice and funny piece of code to work with and do some experiments

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ahah thank you


I wrote something in my native language (italian) on a blog of mine, but I'm not confident enough with my english to do more.


Anyway, just to add something to the topic, you can learn a lot by reading how other popular frameworks do the work. I have learned much this way, for example by the irrlicht engine code, which is very clear.

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