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[D3D11] MSAA Color vs Depth Differences for Shadow Mapping

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When I'm rendering VSM/ESM to color multisampled targets I'm getting some pretty severe numerical stability issues, flickering white blocks of pixels inside the shadow regions. There's no issue when constructing the VSM or ESM from a multisampled depth buffer.


It took a good amount of searching to track down any reason for this, but it sounds like multisampled color render targets are having some gamma correction applied behind the scenes?  I wasn't able to find any info about this in the d3d docs, or really anywhere except for some random slides. Is this the case? If so is there a way to disable this or any way I can set the formats to avoid it?


Ideally I would like to use normalized distance to light as my depth and there's a small performance hit having to build the VSM in separate pass.

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