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Initializing array in function call

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Any chance of allowing a initialization list to be used in a function call?

void test(array<string> &in); // Function definition

test({"string1", "string2"});

Or something like:

test(array<string>{"string1", "string2"});

- dave

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I'm thinking about attempting to implement this myself. Before I do I'd like to know how you would prefer the syntax to be. I would assume:

func(array<string>{"asd", "asd"});

Any hints or things to keep in mind when working on this?




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I was planning on using the following syntax, though it is not set in stone yet:


// Explicitly give the type of the initialization list
func( array<string> = {"asd", "asd"} );


and eventually


// Implicitly determine the type of initialization list based on what it is used for
func( {"asd", "asd"} );


The latter is much more difficult to implement, and I'll probably hold off on it for a while.


It's quite possible that I implement the first variant already for release 2.28.2 as I'm going to be working on the initialization list implementation anyway. I suggest you wait a little, unless you're impatient and wish to get started immediately :)

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