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The Mims Beginning - god like light strategy - we need your support on Indiegogo

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"Everything in a game has been crafted in a gorgeous way. From creature to building, you will find the Mims to be one of the best indie games of the year 2014. "
Rx6Gaming News - Dolores McLaren


"The Mims: Beginning has become the latest indie hopeful to head down the crowd-funding route, popping up on Indiegogo. And it’s a bit of a looker, putting many so-called “AAA” games to shame with a visual style which brings to mind titles as diverse as Spore and Black & White." 
Indie Game Magazine - Dale Morgan


"In the spirit of brevity, if you like Populous and/or found Bullfrog titles of yore to be up your alley, heave coin into the construction pool and stay tuned. The Mims: Beginning does justice to the Molyneux heyday – arguably the zenith of the quirky simulation – by being both irrepressibly charming and filled to the brim with those curious mechanical subsystems we rarely see in contemporary gaming."
D22-zone - Max Downton


We are a team of three people sharing a mutual dream of developing our own game.


One day, about 18 months ago, we decided to create our own game. It was not an easy task, but from the very beginning we were engaging in it with passion and persistence. Even after our accounts dried out, we loaned to cover our life expenses. Since our situation became so complicated we decided to try crowdfunding to help us finish our project and deliver it to the gamers. We need YOUR support in order to complete our project without haste and pressure.


Together, let’s make the world a little more fun!





Visit The Mims Beginning FORUM
There is beta access and a special forum for supporter with "Fast Penguin" or higher level.
There will be 2-3 beta versions of game before release.
We will share also the beta demo for everyone soon, so follow us !

“The Mims Beginning” is a Real Time Strategy game with a dose of cosmic humor. The story takes place in an unknown space and time. In this galaxy mythical floating islands give shelter to all kinds of unusual and dangerous creatures.


The game combines numerous types of gameplay. Your colonists act on their own most of the time, they do their duties without order from the leader. However, you can control them directly by issuing simple commands.[/size]


With a use of godlike PSI powers the leader can influence living things in his range of power and strengthen his colony. This feature is quite similar to the “Populous the Beginning” game.


The game focuses mainly on expansion and defense of the the colony. Every building or plant placement is important, but still the game is to be considered a light strategy. There are also elements known to more casual gamers, that will require fast reactions from the player.

As a player you act as the current leader of a Mims settlement. The Mims are sympathetic creatures traveling through outer space in search of a friendly world to settle.
During the intergalactic journey their spaceship is destroyed by an asteroid and the crew is forced to evacuate on nearby planets which are not always friendly.
Your goal is to perform various tasks required to reconstruct the spaceship. You can help them by properly developing your new colonies. Every mission takes place on a different planet where separate groups of castaways face their own fate.


"The Mims Beginning started off as an idea for a strategy game and evolved into a beautiful world with a beautiful story. You play a God-like caretaker of a colony of creatures called Mims who are space travelers stranded in a strange place when their ship was hit by a meteor" Biasbear.com 

The basic element which is crucial for the colony’s existence and development is energy. The energy is necessary to replenish the Mims’ vitality used up while performing work, also for proper functioning of the infrastructure. It is produced in a generator using Bio Mass derived from special fruit processed in the Extractor. Part of the energy can also be obtained from the wind flow thanks to correct placement of Wind Turbines.


The tasks performed by the Mims should include the expansion of the colony and picking up the Bio fruit.
Some of the Mims act as a protection against various and dangerous creatures attracted to our planet by the scent of fruit and animals.


The Mims’ knowledge allows them to create animals that feed on appropriate sets of fruit. Grown animals can be sent to the ‘Space Market’ and exchanged for crystals necessary for further development of the colony. In order to grow fruit for the animals they need to sow seeds from various plant species. Among others, an exploding plant that throws fruit around. Choosing good planting sites is important.
A clever ruler is able to use topography thereby avoiding excessive scattering of fruit all over the planet. In case of a bad placement crop is lost due to fruit rolling off the edge of the planet.[/size]

As the ruler of the colony you govern from the Psi Tower which greatly reinforces your supernatural abilities. As a result you have a range of powers that can affect the environment of our planet.


If the crops are not harvested on time they will rot and you will lose important resources. In the game you can develop buildings, plants, acquire new Psi powers, as well as invent new skills for your Mims.




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It looks really good. I'll give a shout out on Twitter to see if I can bring you any potential backers smile.png

Thanks really ! WE need a lot of attention to reach our Indiegogo Goals we really would to reach also Survival game mode stretch goal :)


Our Twitter https://twitter.com/MimsTheGame  ,  Thanks for help !


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