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Game In Space

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Hey folks I had a question.  So some friends and myself have started to come up with the beginnings of designs for what will someday become a Space MMORPG.  The engine that we had originally decided to use was the CryEngine.  We thought this would be great with it's support of huge maps, and the fact that it just looks pretty.  But the problem that we have run up against is that it there's no way to make the ground curved to the extent of a planet.  Also the gravity is based on the axis and can't be changed (that I have found).  What were looking for is an engine that could run a game in a way similar to Kerbal Space Program.  The entire world is there and can be visited, also there is no break, or loading period, when you leave the atmosphere or go to another planet, it's like one fluid map.  Also something similar to that would be great because of its mapping of the celestial objects.  It would obviously need to have multiplayer support, and hopefully be nice looking the way the CryEngine is.  Any suggestions would be great!  Also if there is a way to do what we're trying in Cry that we just have overlooked that would be even better. 

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