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Quantization scaling for JPEG decoder based on Arai Agui and Nakajima

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Hey people,


I'm currently working on a jpeg decoder based on the algorithm of Arai, Agui and Nakajima. While my solution is almost working I am missing a critical scaling operation that is key for this approach (which turns dct values into a dft values). I am supposed to scale the quantization matrix with based on the position of the values in the quantization matrix/ I just can't figure out how to calculate these scaling factors.


A good reference I am working with can be found here: http://vsr.informatik.tu-chemnitz.de/~jan/MPEG/HTML/IDCT.html


Hoping to find some people that have practical experience with this.


Thanks in advance!

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Alright... found the solution!biggrin.png


In case someone else runs into this, here is how it works. You need to scale the quantization matrices with a value depending on the row and column position of each element in this matrix. The formula for this is:

scaling = 4 / Cu * cos((PI * u) / 16)

The trick is that Cu is 1/sqrt(2) in case u is 0 and 1 in any other case. The scaling must be done for both the row and column. Because I work with 8x8 blocks the pseudo code looks like:


// Pre-calculate 1/sqrt(2)
var oneOverSqrtTwo = 0.70710678118654752440084436210485;

// Our quantization is an 1D array with 64 (8x8) elements.
var index = 0;

// Go through all columns.
for (column in 0...8) 
     // Calculate scaling for the column and divide by 1/sqrt(2) if needed.
     var columnScaling = 4 * Math.cos(Math.PI * column  * 0.0625);
     if (column == 0) columnScaling /= oneOverSqrtTwo; 

     for (r in 0...8)
          // Calculate scaling for the row and divide by 1/sqrt(2) if needed.
          var rowScaling = 4 * Math.cos(Math.PI * r * 0.0625);
          if (r == 0) rowScaling /= oneOverSqrtTwo;

         // Scale quantization.
         quantization[index] *= rowScaling * columnScaling;

         // Advance the index.
         index ++;


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