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AO Texture coordinates

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I have some models that have their regular diffuse texture coordinates overlapping. Because of that, the UV's aren't unique per triangle and I cant use them for baking ambient occlusion.

So I initally had my blender export run the "Calculate light map" script, which generates a completely unwrapped nice UV set for light mapping.


The problem is that as we all know, anytime a vertex is shared across a few faces, AND each of those faces are in different parts of the UV map, we have to split the vertex. This is my problem because no faces are shared when running the UV script.

So I'm wondering if anyone has an brilliant ideas on this. Is nobody ever overlapping UV's in their models? I assume that is the only way. I have a lot of shared texture space. I can partially fix it by running an "Unwrap" type script so that the UV coords generated have the faces edges mostly lined up, so that there isn't too much need to split vertices since it now has the same UV coord for each of those faces.


My only way around this right now would be to keep my current UV set and use it for the AO texture coords. I would simply move/scale them to fit so they don't overlap.

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You could also do a "proper" unwrap on another UV-layer without overlapping faces. If you have no special reason for your triangles to overlap, just have that layer so you have less redundant data around.

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