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A remake of a game which had a lot of success.

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Hello, firstly im happy to find a place where to use the last chance to remake this really good and successful game. This game was called few years ago this game started and shortly was grown as the worlds most popular virtual traveling game, but due to overcrowded server, because of huge success, the server broke down, and after repairing it, a lot of players forgot about the game and didn't returned and the second reason why the game disappeared was because the admins had not enough time for it, so they decided to leave this game and when the server usage contract expired, the website disappeared. 

In short about the game - the game was all about virtual travelling - booking virtual flight tickets with virtual airlines, flying to real airports around the world, collecting miles, making new virtual travelling friends and so on - the goal was to visit the most airports possible using as much airlines as possible to become the Lord of the Skies every month which gave to the player a lot of extra miles, cash and prestige. It was very successful because it was a way how to travel the world virtually for free, as in real life its very expensive. Some player are going really addicted to this game, buying some extra virtual cash with real money - so it can be a good way to start a small business with this game. 

Of course there was a lot of other features in this game as daily challenges and so on, but about them later if there is some interest to remake this game.

So basically this was a text based browser game with some graphics - images, videos and so on.

If there is some programmer who is interested to remake this game - im ready to fully rewrite this game and to create the database for the game, as i played and really enjoyed it. 

Looking forward to hear some interest to remake this game. 


Thank you and have a nice day!


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@baltic  I don't think this goes in the writing forum - this forum is for game stories, game design documentation, and game advertising copy, mainly.  I'm not sure where it would go, because I'm not sure what you are looking for.  If you want to design a similar but original game, the design forum would be correct.  If you want to recruit people to start such a project you would need to make a classified ad instead of a forum post.  If you want to talk to others about whether they have played this game, the lounge would be correct.  If you want to ask about buying the rights to a closed online game so you can reopen it, that would be one of the business forums.


Just out of curiosity, are there any single-player games about traveling like this?  I could see it as a photography game like Pokemon Snap only you take pictures of vacation spots.  Or maybe as a turn-based strategy game like the one where you own all the vineyards and make wine, or the one where you own all the specialty chocolate recipes...  Also one or more of the Sims game had a vacation-themed expansion.

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