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Very simple Java 2D graphics library?

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I am looking for the simplest possible Java 2D graphics library.


The only feature I need is drawing geometric primitives: mainly rectangles that have been rotated, and circles. I also need some essential features, such as setting the FPS, creating the window and detecting when it was closed.


I will be using it for drawing a simulation that is running. It has to allow me an update() method that I can call like LWJGL, and not like Slick2D that takes this mechanism away from me.


Please suggest something for me, better yet, post tutorials! It has to be simple because I have like two days to create a graphical frontend for my application. A great example is the Pygame Python library - simple, intuitive, and well-documented.


I have tried:

  1. LWJGL: definitely not. OpenGL is too complex for what I need and I don't know it.
  2. Slick2D: too restrictive, doesn't fit my model.
  3. Java 2D API: too complex, I don't have time to learn what JPanel, JFrame, JApplet, JWhatever are and how and when I should extend them, also it's very unintuitive, and with very bad tutorials.


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The only Java library I have had experience with is LibGDX, and it is very good.

But I am not the one to judge if it will fit your needs, so take a look!

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I personally like libGDX better than slick for many reasons, but you may not like it, as it is very very focused on the cross-platform aspect, which means every

project has a base project, desktop project, and android project at minimum, which can be a little difficult to manage.


What did you find restrictive about Slick2D?

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