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What is the general practice to deal with animationsets?

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Export the geometries to an .X file

Export the animations to a number of .a files

Is it the correct way of doing it?

I read a book in which it says animations should be

separated from the .X file because

the file would get very large

And it is not efficient to load everything up

upon game start.

Any opinions?



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There's nothing wrong with loading everything up at game start, providing that you have a reasonably small set of things to load so that you're not making the user wait for too long a time, and you're not exceeding your memory budget for your target platform.


Packing multiple assets into a single file is often a more efficient way to load things than having lots of separate loose files. Particularly if you're using the push model of loading so have very sequential access as you load the file (I don't about the details of the ,x format).


A majority of big games, particularly ones with large amounts of cutscenes, would have at least some of their character's animations loaded on demand. For most indie games, packing the character and the animations up together and loading the whole lot at boot or at game start seems a pretty sensible choice.

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