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Distorted sounds on phone speakers

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Hi guys! I've been recently struggling with mastering sound fx for a mobile app that appear to sound very distorted on all phone speakers. I've reduced all the noise, but apparentely the problem is somewhere else. This problem I'm facing regards all low sounds. But I've cheked other games and it seems that low sounds there are not so bad. What am I missing?All sounds are mono mp3. I equalized them differently for numerous times. As far as I read, I need to set HP filter on 100-200 Hz and LP filter on around 17 kHz. Well, none of that worked for me. maybe you have any ideas?

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You're learning one of the things that you'll need to figure out working on handheld devices. How to sound design and mix for small speakers.


EQing non-functional frequencies out like you're doing is a good start.


Choice of the timbre of a sound and how it reacts on a small speaker is also another design decision. How to make low sounds sound low without those bottom frequencies to give feedback.


Controlling your individual sfx and music dynamics is important too.


Mixing - sounds mix differently on a small speaker so your mixing out of your monitors won't work unless you know what you're looking for in the mix. Best choice is to transfer your sounds and a fake mix onto the device and adjust as necessary.

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