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Calculate if NPC is inside an oval shape

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I have drawn a circle but converted it to an oval shape in my HTML5 canvas like this:;
ctx.arc(x, y, radius , 0, 2 * Math.PI, false);
ctx.lineWidth = 1;
ctx.strokeStyle = 'rgba(255,255,255,0.7)';

Now in a separate function i have some calculations to set the location of my NPC. 


First i get the location of the oval center and the NPC position and get the distance like this:


var vectorX = NPC.X - locationX,
    vectorY = NPC.Y - locationY,
    distance = Math.sqrt(vectorX*vectorX + vectorY*vectorY);

if(distance < raidus){
   alert('You have entered the oval');

The problem lies with the if statement, because its an oval i don't totally know how i check if the NPC has entered accurately, its confusing me because its not a simple circle.

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Try dividing or multiplying vectorX by 1.5 (I am not sure what the semantics of `scale' are).




You don't need to take square roots to make that comparison: Compare the square of the distance instead:


var vectorX = (NPC.X - locationX) / 1.5, # or multiplied by 1.5
vectorY = NPC.Y - locationY,
distance_squared = vectorX*vectorX + vectorY*vectorY;

if(distance_squared < radius*radius){
  alert('You have entered the oval');

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