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[Bullet physics] converting quaternion,to dx quaternion

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I'm just trying to extract the rotation data out of the world matrix,like this:

tempq.x = trans.getRotation().x();
tempq.y = trans.getRotation().y(); 
tempq.z = trans.getRotation().z(); 
tempq.w = trans.getRotation().w();

tempq is a directx quaternion,and trans is the bullet world matrix.


The problem is,I can't figure a way to convert the btscalar data from xyzw,to something else.



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I suppose there's a way to convert directly a LH quaternion to a RH one, personally I just go through the whole matrix flipping to incentivate my mental sanity. So far, no performance issues will arise in this part of the code.

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I'm not familiar with Bullet Physics, does the GetRotation() return the euler angles?


EDIT: I just learned that it returns a quaternion, sorry for the confusion, but hey, euler to quaternion conversions are still good to know... smile.png 

EDIT: What up axis does bullet use?


If so, the conversion isn't too hard. []

w = Math.sqrt(1.0 + C1 * C2 + C1*C3 - S1 * S2 * S3 + C2*C3) / 2
x = (C2 * S3 + C1 * S3 + S1 * S2 * C3) / (4.0 * w) 
y = (S1 * C2 + S1 * C3 + C1 * S2 * S3) / (4.0 * w)
z = (-S1 * S3 + C1 * S2 * C3 + S2) /(4.0 * w) 

C1 = cos(heading)
C2 = cos(attitude)
C3 = cos(bank)
S1 = sin(heading)
S2 = sin(attitude)
S3 = sin(bank)

But I think you're in luck, as DirectX already has some alternative methods for you to use.

auto vec = trans.getRotation(); // I'm not aware of the type
D3DXQuaternionRotationYawPitchRoll(&tempq, vec.x, vec.y, vec.z);

If I'm not wrong this does the job. wink.png


Hope this helps you.


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