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Shader expects X class instances on binding (when really, there are none at all)

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after a rather long time, I've finally got on of those very "WTF???"-moments again. While trying to get my hardware instancing working again after a long time of leaving it besides, I'm getting a very strange error when trying to set this very vertex shader:

D3D11 ERROR: ID3D11DeviceContext::VSSetShader: Shader expects 3131961357 class instances, application provided 0 [ STATE_SETTING ERROR #2097305: DEVICE_SETSHADER_INTERFACE_COUNT_MISMATCH]

EDIT: Oh damn, the error was actually part of a heap-corruption introduced by me using vertex shader sampler. Long story short, I was both reading and writing to invalid memory regions in the setup of the vertex samplers, I' acutally really surpised this just showed up now, and in such a strange way never the less. Anyway, problem solved...

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