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std::initializer list as array

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Was cleaning up some older code and wanted to add an initializer_list to a simple wrapper class.  The data from the list is to be passed to an API function that accepts a pointer and length.


I was thinking of doing something like:


Is this 'kosher'?  I'd like to avoid having to create a temporary store to copy the data.


Or perhaps just:


would work? states that the iterator type is a pointer.

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That's going to work only if your data is contiguous in memory.

If your list container is an std::list, then the data is not continuous, and your example wont work.. An std::vector will work as expected, but in that case you should use or &vec[0].

On the other hand, you could pass in the iterator itself (which acts as a pointer as far as dereferencing goes, but is not one, you can't pass an iterator where a pointer is expected), and then inside the function use it++ to move forward no matter the container type until you've done it container.size() times.

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