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SOS! Borland troubles

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I have just received my book "S/\ms teach yourself c++ in 21 days" and it shows how to make "hello world" anyways i downloaded the free borland c++ compiler and installed it but i don't know how to use it! How! in the readme it says stuff about making .cfg files to make it works or something :-P someone please explain from scratch how to work it!!! PLEASE! :-P ((I am now under the understanding that you you compile from dos prompt...PLEASE HELP!)) ---
Garcon Bifteck Edited by - garconbifteck on October 30, 2001 1:43:59 PM

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I can''t help you with the borland compiler (I never did figure out how to work the no IDE deal myself). However, I have gone through the same book entirely with Bloodshed Dev-C++, and it''s a visual environment and everything (which I found much easier to get working, and it''s similar to the VC++ IDE), and I know from my own training that it works with everything that book covers. if your interested, sorry I can''t help with the borland compiler (that version is free for a reason *grin*)

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Original post by garconbifteck
Ok I sorted it myself!!!
You had to make a file and stick it into the bin directory with these 2 lines in it.


and call it bcc32.cfg

Then i downloaded a GUI for it :-)


Garcon Bifteck

There''s also an IDE at: -Object Central
It''s called VIDE.

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