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Requesting Constructive Criticism

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Hi Folks,

I recently composed this piece, and I really want to make it as good as possible since I feel its one of my best. Its always great to have an outside ear have a listen and pick up things you don't notice when you're so "close" to the piece…so please..tear away..


I posted 3 versions here: one has a synth bell and cello lead, one is just the bell and one is just the cello. my client wanted all three, I'm favoring the "both" version but would love to hear what you folks think...


The song is a theme for a galactic empire strategy/colonization type game.



cello lead

bell lead

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I like it! It certainly gets the feel right! The song builds slowly but steady, perhaps a little something more to build up? I would favor the "both" version, but the bell is perhaps a tad bit too synthy for me. What game is this for? PC? Phone? You could also try and widen the track a bit more, make it feel more.. full, so to say. Anyways, great track, and the feel is perfect, and that's the most important part.

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I'm learning music production atm so am not a pro. Here's what I didn't like:

1) Bell lead. I liked it when it started, but by the end of the composition it sounded too synthetic for me and, well, not very expressive

2) Cello lead. During the parts where the fast triplets are played, all three notes get blurred into, like, one sound. That's cool for a background instrument but not if you want to make it a leading one.

3) Drum sounds. The rhythm is good but there are parts where the lead instruments are silent and you can hear the drums easily, they give the same synthetic impression.

4) Overall mixing and feel. I think there's something wrong with the balance of instruments, the bell sounds a bit too lound vs the other instruments, the lead cello is too quiet.


But yeah, I liked the "both" version the most too.

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