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Project "Learning Programming In 2 Years"

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mine is study in less than a year and learn continuously (c++). I've gone a bit far in less 4months.

Even if c++ is the most powerful language, I know that it's not for me. :)
Yeah. Good Luck :)

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That's a very ambitious project. I'm impressed. If you keep at it and publish your results semi regularly, you'll likely gain at least a small audience. And having an audience can serve as a motivator. Just be sure to ignore the random jerks that might rip into you. They're just jealous.


If you didn't know anything about programming, step 1 would be learn how to program. Since it looks like you're the developer behind Moving@, I'm guessing you know at least a little. I'm also impressed that a 15 year old is interested in a rogue like. Most of you young whipper snappers wouldn't be caught dead playing something so "primitive". Back in my day, we didn't have graphics! *shakes cane*


Here is a great article for starting out. I can't recommend it enough:
Set small, reasonable goals for yourself or you'll quickly get overwhelmed. The above guide has a breakdown of which projects you should tackle first and why. I wouldn't start "your game" until you've completed a few of these first.
And the beginner FAQ is also an excellent place to start:
One of the biggest hurdles is dedicating time to learning. You have to choose to do it. You don't always have to choose programming over other things. But if you never choose programming, you'll never get better.


Future-you (the you that is living in the future) will greatly appreciate these efforts. If the project is successful, it could prove to be a tool in getting a professional development job. Or even a professional game development job! And even if the project isn't that successful, you can at least look back and see how far you've grown as a programmer.


Future-you will also get a chuckle out of the statement "When I was young." ;)


Good luck to you sir. Keep us posted, and when you run into some stumbling blocks, feel free to ask for help here.


- Eck

Hi, thank you very much for this post, I will write down some words, because they are so inspiring! ^^ Anyways I like roguelikes, because back in my old pc days, I didnt have anything to play, but then I found roguelikes, I found a big beauty. It was like playing an exclusive game for me, and that's how I got into roguelike development. smile.png It would be really good if I am going to be succesfull with this, because I read a tip that says "Programmers are good communicators", when you communicate with users you can make the best program/game. smile.png


By the way a new blogpost is coming about my first day at this project. :)

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