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Communication with C++ from script side

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I'm trying to figure out the best way for flexible communication between script side and C++ side. What are you using when you need to call some specific C++ object method from AS script without registering it through script engine? 


I have event system, but it rather works in other direction (C++ sending events to Angelscript) and I'd like to keep it that way (one sided).


Lets consider situation where I have LoginState C++ class that handles logging logic and owns GUI overlay thats scripted in AS. In that script, I gather inputs, validate them and should call C++ method to send username/password through network interface. I don't want to expose network interface to scripting, but I'd like to have Auth(login, password) method available on script side.


Is registering LoginState as a OBJ_REF | OBJ_NOHANDLE type with a method Auth(login, password), then setting global property "LoginState state" the only way? Its a bit problematic with how script interface has to be registered, I'd need to register all possible methods prior to launching the state. 


Or I should invent some event system that works both sides? Where script can do ""auth", dict())" where dict has login/password and some method on C++ side listens for such event? I don't like event systems much, I use libRocket events for UI side, so I can launch some events from C++, but I'd rather keep it that way, because it fires events in UI widgets, and I want to keep them script-only so I don't even query them on C++ side. This means I'd need another event system for AS->C++ communication.


Maybe someone uses different methods to call some function with parameters on C++ side from AS?


PS. In case someone wants to discuss it live, I'm on #angelscript irc channel (@freenode) 24/7, my session hangs there but when I'm not afk I look there from time to time.

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Implementing an event system for something like this seems to be a bit drastic. Why don't you just write a simple global function and register it with AngelScript, perhaps something like this:


int Auth(const string &user, const string &password)
   LoginState *ls = GetLoginState();
   return ls->Auth(user, password);
// Register it with AngelScript using the following call
engine->RegisterGlobalFunction("int Auth(const string &in, const string &in)", asFUNCTION(Auth), asCALL_CDECL);

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