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Rags to Riches (android increment game idea)

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So after a few glasses of red wine,  and staring blank at page 21 in my first rewrite of my 2nd novel followed by job hunting and an episode of duck tales while playing cookie clicker I had an idea of a simple android increment game.


I'm looking to brain storm ideas for what include in a wacky incremental/idle game.


It starts off with you begging on the street for a penny a click.

On the street you have 3 begging upgrades that increase your per click income mug, guitar, dog which increase it up all the way up to a massive 10 cents a click.

Once you have all three you can start training orphans to work for you.  Each orphan increase your per second income by .5

If you have 20 orphans you can upgrade them to cockney orphans, at at 50 you can buy the artful dodger upgrade both of which increase the per second income of the orphans.


The player can swipe between different areas/tiers which have their own unique features and purchases. For instance for $2.2 million you can buy a university and upgrade it with a museum and archaeology department which allows you to go adventures to recover lost relics.  You can also buy a research lab which lets you do research projects and get a chance to invent wacky tech like a money tree which lets you literally farm money. 


So far the highest level purchase I've thought up is buying the moon for $1 trillion dollars.  


I guess what I'm looking for are funny or interesting ideas for money making tiers. 


I'm also planning on introducing fixed time for each game sessions of 7 days.  At the end of a week you game is over and your high score is submitted to the leader border and you can start again.  Starting a new game carriers over your achievements and unlocks some extra options or tiers. What they are I don't know yet.



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If the theme is "Rags to Riches" then it is *OBLIGATORY* that you start as a street shoe cleaner :D And in the end become a Roceffeler/Tycoon/Financial magnate of some sort. Just like in all the literature of this subgenre (so I have heard, never read any, but these are rumoured to be/used to be wildly popular in USA).


- shoe cleaner [BEGIN]

- hired as a clerk

- moved to shop assistant position

- promoted to shop manager

- saved enough money to open own business

- your product is excellent and bring an income

- some financial takeovers to enlarge your company

- buying out banks and other financial institutions

- supporting the campaign of a president/prime minister (lobbying)

- more takovers of big multinational corporations

- taking over oil wells from the sultan

- proclaimed the richest person on the planet [END]

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I think it would be a fun notion that all of the earning methods are some form of "begging".  For example:


- You beg on the streets

- You have orphans beg on the streets for you

- You have musicians/street performers

- You have Salvation Army type collectors at store fronts

- You place tip jars inside businesses

- You crowd fund ideas on Kickstarter

- You run school fundraisers

- You own local churches

- You run university alumni associations

- You own evangelical television networks

- You run IRS (taxing) systems for whole countries


Obviously this is missing a lot of middle layers, as well as any real game logic, but hey!  Free ideas!

Maybe a better title for this would be "Money for Nothing" with a midi version of the Dire Straits song playing nonstop in the background... ok I'm done.  That's the 'clicker' game I would make anyway.

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