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free programmer available to help out on your projects

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I'm a hobbyist game developer who's just looking to learn some more by working with other people. I am not great but I know what I'm doing, I'm good enough to be useful and to not mess things up.


Most my experience is in java working with libgdx and other libraries, I'm also somewhat experienced with javascript/c++ and understand many other languages at a superficial level. I'm willing to learn and work in other languages and I can pick them up very quickly. I have never officially released anything(excluding excluding a couple small apps released by freelance clients of mine) but I've written plenty of small demos and a couple small complete games. I've also worked with android and made a few small apps/games for clients on elance.com and they were all satisfied with my work. To be honest I have no idea where I lie in terms of skill because I just don't know any other programmers and have nobody to compare myself too. I've spent countless hours programming alone though and I feel like my progress is starting to slow down because I'm far past the part where I should've gotten some experience working with other programmers and learning from them.


I'm offering to work on your game/project/whatever for you, completing whichever tasks you tell me to, in exchange for the experience I will gain. At the very least I'll be able to save you some time. 



If anyone else has another idea, perhaps you want to team up and work on a new project together or something, let me know. I'm open to anything as long as it fulfills my main goal of gaining experience working with other programmers in some way.


I'll be able to dedicate probably around 7-15 hours a week. If anyone wanted to pay me a small fee I could afford to work much more

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