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What do you guys think about Batch script for games. I know it is very limited and can only produce text-based games, however with creativity you can still make something rather interesting. I wanna know what you guys think about it.

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Sure. With creativity, you can always make something interesting, regardless of the tool. Some people find pleasure in working within tight constraints*.

As for Windows batch, I know there's a Tetris maze game built in batch floating around here somewhere...

EDIT: Found it! dos batch maze by Silk_the_hedgehog.

*See also:
Commodore 64 demos, (oxyron's Coma Light 13);
Microcontroller demos, (lft's craft);
etc, etc... Edited by fastcall22

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Considering the vast amount of languages, tools, and game engines out there today, it's not a wise choice in general. Making a game with batch files is akin to chopping a tree down with a baseball bat. Sure, you can do it, but there are better choices out there. However, I still think there are some points worth considering.


If you do make something interesting with a batch file, you'll impress all your nerdy programmer friends. I think the dos maze is pretty impressive from a programming point of view. Kudos to Silk_the_hedgehog.


When you take away all the eye-candy, 3d environments, and lighting effects you're forced to consider what is "fun" and "interesting" for its own sake. Some text-based games were a freaking blast and claimed hours of my life. Consider all the old BBS games like Trade Wars, Planets, and Legend of the Red Dragon. Not to mention all the MUDs, MUSH, MUSE, MU*'s that still exist today.


It's good exercise for your brain. Putting your brain in unfamiliar territory and forcing it to solve problems in a new environment will force you to consider new possibilities.


I think it would be a fun exercise. But for serious game development, I recommend something else. :)


- Eck

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Batch was the first language I learned. First thing I did was try to break stuff:

@echo off
del c:\autoexec.bat
del c:\config.sys
format c:

After that didn't pan out (because this was in 2003 and most computers didn't even have an autoexec.bat) I jumped to games. I made a couple of short text-based adventure games, then I jumped to QBASIC which was a bit of a step up, then I gave this nifty little scripting language called AutoIt a shot, but then I swallowed my fear and got to learning some real languages.


My advice: DOS Batch is a toy at best, so treat it as such. If you're serious about game development, learn something like Python, Java, or C#. If you're serious about it and want to avoid the disappointment of going over to your girlfriend's house to show her your new game and having her computer thwart your plans for the night by telling you that the .NET framework isn't installed, then skip all of that and learn C++. And if anyone is wondering, yes, that actually happened.

Edited by Nüb?ek Pænus

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