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Ed Necro

Anvil of Mastery

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Anvil of mastery is a Single player RPG for the casual gamer. It was designed to look and play much like a
MMO but is for off line play only. It is a small and portable game with no installation required. Just unzip and play.
Anvil of mastery can also be played on a wide variety of machines old and new. It does not require you to have a
"massive gaming rig" It can be tuned to play on your old laptop or its detail can be turned up to look great on newer
machines. (See the support section for tested hardware configurations, and tuning details.)
EdAlchemy does not want to exclude gamers who cannot afford expensive hardware so we did spend time on tuning.
This game provides a non-linear environment. There are some areas and goals that cannot be reached without
achieving a certain level, but the game is designed to let the player experiment. We want players to invent their own
way through the game. All of the basic RPG elements are included. Character development, hunting and statistics building.
Random monster will spawn and chase you. Monsters will scale up to your level so combat is balanced throughout the game.
There are scattered delivery and collection quests and also a longer story based quest should you choose to seek it out.
There is also crafting, fishing, and cooking. Would you rather do odd jobs until you can afford real estate? We have you covered.
Make gold as a craftsman, fisherman or delivery guy and buy a rental home to farm gold.
Like to gamble? We give you slot machines to win both gold and epic items.
Do you like crafting better then hunting monsters? Level up your crafting skill to craft items that sell for more gold,
then hire a mercenary to do the hunting for you. And if you like farming gold and experience?
We do nothing to discourage it, in fact we even give you a player house with a TV that will allow you to watch any AVI
movie you want in game while the gold and levels roll in!
We also allow you to re-select your in game appearance each time you continue your game so you are not stuck with the
same avatar.


Game Features

-Pick 10 different shameless player avatars
-sandbox style play, go any direction, any order, do what you want.
-MMO style level and experience system.
-Crafting system (craft up to 60 items.)
-5 crafting skill levels
-gather or buy crafting materials
-use crafted armor and weapons in combat or sell them for profit
-Buy your own player house
-AVI player connected to the TV in player house so you can watch AVI movies in game.
-Buy rental house to farm gold
-Hire Mercenary to farm experience
-Delivery and collection quests
-Random Spawning monsters that will chase you
-Main campaign quest that takes you to all areas of the game
-light off fireworks
-Day and night cycle
-Craft fishing pole and get a job as a fisherman
-Dark cinematic theme music
-slot machines to win gold and epic items
-mini game area transitions
-Cooking system
-2 major bosses
-monsters and bosses infinitely re spawn
-monsters scale up as you level to balance combat.
-crafting materials infinitely re spawn in random locations
-Level cap is 10
-Traders to exchange items
-Spells to enhance combat
-Single player off line play only (no multi player)
-and there is steak... yea! you can even have steak!


Price: FREE













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