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CTO - Crown Tactics Online

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Below is the presentation of our game. This is a great gamble ; making a TRPG with no story mode, no level and no equipment so I wanted to know what did you think of it. If the lack of character progress will not break the players experience too and if you had an idea of a goal that would make them want to play without reducing the strategic dimension. This is primarily a game for the players and so i would like you to give us your opinion as players or as game designers.
( Looks like SAO, i know but, isn't it stylish ?) 
Meet the team
Hello, I'm Blaiseman , I am Belgian and I'm 16 years old. I have experience in the manga and artworks drawing. I am the game designer and lead artist of the game I sprinkled some of my work in this post to embellish a little and give you a better idea of ??my abilities.
Mellow , Artistic student section in France with me in art direction and Adrian, a French student is responsible for the music. Karpinski and Jim Suzak are in the programmers team.
In the last two years, I made a manga only 150 pages. Having worked extensively on this manga, which, i must precise, is contracted to be published in Kana's edition as soon as I would have completely finished, I decided to make a customized version of this manga video games.
 I decide to buy a Wacom Companion and started working on various projects to get better and leave the idea develop in my head. Now i was able to raise a little team and finish the GDD.
Our project
Our project is a tactical RPG, a kind of RPG where the tactical dimension is omnipresent, but our game is closer to the Tactical part than to the RPG part, meaning that only strategy and intelligence will lead you to victory.
Genre : Tactical RPG
Platforms : Mac OSX, iOS , Android and Windows
Game Mode: Solo, Local Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer,
Programming language ??: C + +
Target audience : 12 +
Website: Coming
Graphics : Drawings HD 2D iso
Here are some of carefully selected and cut the game to leave a little suspense . Do not hesitate to ask for any question or clarification.
 Why would you play our game?
 Some of you will wonder why would you play our game and not another one of those countless other fanmade RPG, This project is in no way pretending to compete with professionals, already-on-the market games. Note, however, a few peculiarities that differentiate our game from other TRPG and witch, i hope, will be or selling point.
  • Strategies and tactics everywhere. Indeed the strategy will play a more important role in our game than in other RPGs. On a level not succeed because we were lucky but because we played a good strategy. Indeed, the luck factor is less, if not non-existent ( impossible to avoid an attack, not crit , .... )
  • Opportunity to shape the battlefield with skills.
  • No level or equipment, so that hard work can't beat a good strategic mind. Lelouch would be happy.
  • Battlefields Hazards
  • Battlefield Creator
  • The first online TRPG
  • Varied and diverse selectable battle objectives ( King of the hill, General, Flag capture ) 
  • Possibility to prepare the ground (eg lay traps ) during certain battles
  • Extremely different classes with special characteristics.
  • Character creation system
  • Height system
  • Online ranking
  • Customizable battle settings



 We would love to have a full team in a month and manage to have a playable version of the game (even reduced ) within 1 year maximum. That our game is played by as much people as possible is of course is our main aim but we also hope that each member will be paid for his work thanks to Kickstart and sales objective.
 Finally, we come to the recruitment ! Thank you for reading so far! biggrin.png
Currently we are looking mainly developers / programmers to help us in programming witch looks more complicated than expected ! But also an animator (2D) to animate fluidly our characters.
A little experience would not refused and of course a little humor. The most important trait will be originality as in our project, each team member is free to give his opinion on our game, to resolve problems or to propose new ideas. We do not want someone who obeys foolishly, try to surprise us, we are open to all ! Age does not matter, maturity and talent matter alone. 
You must first contact me and then I would then ask you some questions, if you do not have examples of your work , we will ask you to pass a little test . Do not worry we're not picky .
If you do not prefer to send me a PM or reply on the annotated
Mail: blaise.bvd @ gmail.com
Skype: Blaiseman (as on the forum)
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other useful or useless talent to our project. We'll see what we can do for you and maybe you will also part of our small team. ph34r.png



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