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Alternative library to graphviz for layouting directed/undirected graphs?

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doeme    1189

Hi all,


I'm looking for an alternative library to graphviz for layouting directed and undirected graphs similar to this one ( to be displayed in a Qt app.


Essentially the same concept as this article:


The tool lets the user interactively move the nodes around and I currently use graphviz as a C++ library to do the layouting. Everything works as it should. Unfortunately the product this viewer is in evolved to 64bit and there is no 64 bit package of the graphviz-DLLs provided.


I tried to compile graphviz myself, but after three days of fiddling I'm still not able to even build it.


Does anybody know a library for layouting diagrams that has roughly the same functionality as graphviz?


I'm currently trying out boost graph, which works fine for placing the nodes, but I didn't find any help in computing the connecting edges as splines or angled connector in a way that they don't go through an existing node.


Any idea on another library or help with either compiling graphviz or using boost would be highly welcome.

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