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Texturing procedural terrain

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Hi there,


I have an application I am developing at the moment that streams in a large amount of procedural terrain tiles. I'm looking for a good way to texture these tiles using a procedural texturing algorithm.


The algorithm is not really the problem here, It's how to store the generated texture data (or perhaps just perform this stage in the shader). The way I see it is that if I perform the texturing in the shader the texturing will suffer from aliasing and the performance will generally degrade with the more detail / complexity you add to the shader.


The solution I have at the moment is to generate a texture per tile and let the procedural algorithm fill this texture in before passing it to a very basic shader that will just map the texture directly onto the terrain tile. This also allows me to generate mipmaps and avoid the majority of aliasing issues.


The problem with this approach is that the texture is extremely low resolution and very noticable. I was just wondering if anyone has found any practicle solutions to the same type of problem as this.





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use a biome kind of classification for your sections, then use proper texturing of soil depending on biome (you can have a perlin funcion to blend 2 or 3 textures per biome), and apply some effects for texturing slopes with rocks or such, should look nice.

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