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XAudio2 Exception 80000003

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First, idon't know where i should post this, so i post it here.

I'm using XAudio2 in my game for sound. Playing unmodified sound works well but when i use SetOutputMatrix program crashes with Exception 80000003.

void AUDIO_STATE::UpdateAudio(simpleSound *in_ss)
	X3DAudioCalculate( x3DInstance, &listener, &in_ss->emitter, dwCalcFlags, &dspSettings );

	if (in_ss->p_SV)
		in_ss->p_SV->SetFrequencyRatio( dspSettings.DopplerFactor );
		in_ss->p_SV->SetOutputMatrix( pMasteringVoice, INPUTCHANNELS, nChannels, matrixCoefficients );
		in_ss->p_SV->SetOutputMatrix( pSubmixVoice, 1, 1, &dspSettings.ReverbLevel );

		XAUDIO2_FILTER_PARAMETERS FilterParametersDirect = { LowPassFilter, 2.0f * sinf(X3DAUDIO_PI/6.0f * dspSettings.LPFDirectCoefficient), 1.0f };
		in_ss->p_SV->SetOutputFilterParameters(pMasteringVoice, &FilterParametersDirect);
		XAUDIO2_FILTER_PARAMETERS FilterParametersReverb = { LowPassFilter, 2.0f * sinf(X3DAUDIO_PI/6.0f * dspSettings.LPFReverbCoefficient), 1.0f };
		in_ss->p_SV->SetOutputFilterParameters(pSubmixVoice, &FilterParametersReverb);

When i remove lines in_ss->p_SV->SetOutputMatrix, there are no problems, the sound plays.

Did someone ever had similar problem? Do you know what could cause this?


Also most of initialization of my sound engine is a modification to DX sdk XAudio2Sound3D.

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Xaudio 'debugging' can cause a lot of error to my app:


It hangs the app in several places, without the XAUDIO2_DEBUG_ENGINE flag everything is fine.

I suggest experimenting with the input matrix, maybe try filling it with simple data, this link can be usefull.

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Thanks, removing XAUDIO2_DEBUG_ENGINE worked, somehow, application doesn't crash anymore but stil, sound isn't modified with listener emiter positions. I also watch matrixCoefficients, they change as they should but they somehow don't affect the output.



Solved, wav file i used was stereo, after i changed it to mono aplication doesn't crash and output is correct.

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