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Game in develop mode, yet... (current stable version 0.2 r1105)

Remake of Caesar3



+ render engine fork from FIFE

+ sound engine with ambient sounds

+ lot of working buildings

+ minimaps

+ correctly economic, city cimulation, houses evolving etc...

+ json based save/load system

+ linux, windows os support

+ support maps/saves from Caesar3

+ translations English,Dutch, Russian, Spanish and Swedish

+ rome empire, merchants and trade routes

+ soldiers and fortifications

+ citizents simulations

+ online/offline install

+ online update



+ Network

+ Big maps

+ Android, MacOS X, Haiku os support


Steam concepts



Last Changes (28.01.2014)

+ senate show current values of ratings
+ trained actors (gladiators/recruits), correctly find the road to buildings where they are necessary, (the actor is necessary at theater, the gladiator in an amphitheater, etc.)+ add information window for ruins of the collapsed buildings
+ add education layer
+ on entertainments layer add descriptions of problems in buildings under the cursor
+ clear land fixed, later sometime drawing  artifacts from previous tile state
+ add management window for legion
+ translations improved, now more situations are corrected displayed with normal text (Swedish remained from the last version)
+ recoding game engine, now compliing in MacOS and Haiku (gathers, but yet doesn't work normally)
+ path finding algorithm fixed, fixed jamming in tree tiles and crossroad loops
+ improved drawing low bridges and behavior of inhabitants on it
+ if inhabitants on the bridge that can't be removed
+ add fast save\load (F5\F9)
+ on emperor screen shows current requests
+ now game doesn't crash at creating trade route with city which not buy goods



Full archive(windows, linux)
Online installer windows
Online installer linux

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+ Initial language is changed to English
+ mission engine recoding, add events with fixed birthtime, load mission localization when mission start, loading new mission after win
+ first training mission from original Caesar III (r) added
+ widget for text display now show images like original game
+ work on macosx and haiku (on mac need to start in a full-screen mode, but may will be loss events from mouse)
+ Cyrillics symbols work on mac improved
+ fixed color scheme on mac
+ add tooltips on information layer "Religion" and "Education"
+ add event locust attack on farms with the subsequent consuming of a crop Is added for some time
+ add information layer of "Problems"
+ frequency of updating territory around the reservoir fixed, water layer sometimes vanished when was large number of consumers
+ Baths/fountains show warning message when constructed far from the reservoir
+ add new citizens opinions
+ fixed crash "Entertainment" layer if the house was left by inhabitants
+ calculation rating of culture equale such original game
+ fixed broke water layer near fountain at new month start
+ improved descriptions for farms and extracting buildings
+ fixed getting user home directory for linux
+ fixed crash when using fast load function on windows
+ fixed display of the unemployed near the senate building

Mac OS X (10.8.3, zip) (better in fullscreen)
Haiku(gcc2, zip)

Edited by dalerank

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* Localization improved
  * MarketLady append market access to house, when it buy something 
  * MarketLady now buy foods from warehouse also
  * House now comsume all type of foods, which available on market
  * MarketKid save/load fixed
  * Game not crashed if priest cannot load state from save
  * Fixed loading serviceman from save
  * Fixed display city wokers number on Employer's adviser screen
  * Granary/Warehouse now may use "deliver good" order
  * Dock correct trade operation, only 2 workers active work from it
  * SeaMerchant now go away from city when buy all needed goods
  * Add stacktrace for informatively logging error
  * Fixed trade route save\load land type
  * Fixed merchant leave city if no trade operations did
  * Save game state improved, now save events from missions
  * TaxCollector fixed bug with big money collecting
  * capua.mission improved empire start state
  * empire map, now may contain drawble objects
  * entry point now correct loading from (caesarIII).sav files
  * EmperrorWindow display request improved
  * Fixed emperror requests complete
  * Tooptip  widget displaing fixed
  * Tutrorial mission now use map from original story
  * City funds history fixed step add
Ubuntu 13

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Last changes

  • Now may use native Caesar III(c) resources without repack to zip archives, use cmd option -c3gfx /path/to/caesar3_folder
  • Add Tarrentum mission (3 military)
  • Add sound options window
  • Add background music player
  • Increased interval between month change
  • Add drawing sprites over walkers in constuctions
  • Capua mission improved.
  • Add briefing screen for mission select
  • Now may load custom archives list, see game/resources/archives.model
  • Now hippodrome and chariot workshop work correctly
  • Fixed chariot animation
  • Governor's houses now not need workers
  • Add project and compile instructions for Android build
  • Existence of necessary goods is displayed near factory
  • Loading window (map, mission or save) now show button for continue
  • Fixed farm broke carts when overload output store
  • Add animation for short information messages
  • Add confirmation dialog before dispatch emperor requesting goods
  • Factory production rates correct, now production rate equale carts/year
  • Granary now say about itself troubles
  • Now may open emperor adviser from senate infobox
  • MarketLady and MarketBuyer now load correctly, before those can lose here goods
  • Add house morale calculating
  • Add Mercury and Nepture divinities
  • Fountain now evolve/devolbe such terrain around
  • Factory now not applying any goods without workers
  • Buildings animated on crime/damage layer now
  • Now may switch netween same type buildings from infobox (keyboard button "," and "." )
  • Amphitheater now generate gladiators or actors when possible
  • Add citizens ideas about eduacation state in city
  • Engineer now have own ideas about city
  • BurningRuins have different animation interval by building
  • updater not download haiku-os specific file on windows

Last versions here

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