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Problem creating heightmap

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So,I already have the heightmap vertices extracted.All I need to do is pass the data to PhysX so it can construct a shape after them. To see if the shape looks correctly,I use PVD.


The problem is,it doesn't look correctly at all:




Remember,I already have the vertices in perfect order(the same vertices are used for rendering)

        const PxReal heightScale = 1.0f;
	PxU32 hfNumVerts = data->grid_sizex * data->grid_sizey;

	PxHeightFieldSample* samples = new PxHeightFieldSample[hfNumVerts];
	memset(samples, 0, hfNumVerts*sizeof(PxHeightFieldSample));

	for (int z = 0; z < hfNumVerts; z++)
		samples[z].height = (PxI16)data->points[z].y;
		samples[z].materialIndex0 = 0;
		samples[z].materialIndex1 = 0;

	PxHeightFieldDesc hfDesc;
	hfDesc.format = PxHeightFieldFormat::eS16_TM;
	hfDesc.nbColumns = data->grid_sizex;
	hfDesc.nbRows = data->grid_sizey;
	hfDesc.thickness = -2; = samples;
	hfDesc.samples.stride = sizeof(PxHeightFieldSample);
	PxHeightField* heightField = gPhysics->createHeightField(hfDesc);

	PxTransform pose(PxVec3(0,0,0),
	body_static = gPhysics->createRigidStatic(pose);

	PxHeightFieldGeometry hfGeom(heightField, PxMeshGeometryFlags(), heightScale, 18, 18);

points is just a vertex structure that contains the xyz of every vertex in float format. Keep in mind that the every y component of every vertex has been already scaled.

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Just because your vertex data is correct for your renderer does not mean it's correct for the physics engine.

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