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Requesting constructive criticism: Sound & Art: Guernica

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I few years ago I composed music based in this incredible piece. Pablo Picasso´s Guernica.
Guernica shows the tragedies of war and the suffering it inflicts upon individuals, particularly innocent civilians. This work has gained a monumental status, becoming a perpetual reminder of the tragedies of war, an anti-war symbol, and an embodiment of peace. On completion Guernica was displayed around the world in a brief tour, becoming famous and widely acclaimed. This tour helped bring the Spanish Civil War to the world's attention.   http://www.pablopica...rg/guernica.jsp




Find the piece on the next video and feel free to contribute with critics.


Do you think that the music and soundscapes are applicable to the game industry?







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Hi nosed07. I hope you are well. 


There's some good work here, so great job for putting it together. By being applicable to the game industry, do you mean could this material be used in a game? In the right context it could well be used. However I think what you should consider is that audio for video games needs to be composed with a specific goal and objective in mind. So let's say you were commissioned to score for a game. The music needs to be addressed for that game in particular an composed to suit that individual project. Music is a way of accenting what goes visually, helping to tell the story and overall effect the emotional responses of the gamers. As mentioned this audio could well be used for a game, it would just be finding the right game to suit it, and still then I would say it would need refining for that specific project.



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Hi Joe and thanks for your feedback.


I have been composing music for short films and this kind of projects based on paintings for years.

I agree that everything depends on the kind of game, story and mood, but I was wondering if I should change my way of composing or simply addapt it to be used in a game.

For example, to make loops and soundscapes.

I started to use Fmod Studio and It maked me think about the way that the music it's been controlled and If I need change my "habits" for a better handling.

I think that the best way to do it, It's starting a game project.

We will see how the thing goes, I will look for a group soon.


Thanks for your answer Joe.

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