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Missing textures on AMD. What could be the reason?

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My first post here and already with an odd question.


I'm making a d3d wrapper dll to convert an old DirectX 8 game (Combat Flight Simulator 3, it doesn't even use programmable shaders and relies on fixed-function rendering!) to DirectX 9 and add some new features with SM 3.0 like per-pixel lighting and self-shadowing.

Currently it works quite good with various nVidia GPU, but has an odd glitch reported by a couple of users with AMD 7850/70 (likely not limited to these two, but no other reports so far).

Here what it looks like:

[spoiler][attachment=19749:missing textures.jpg]

The screenshot is not from the original CFS3, but from recently released WWI themed total conversion mod.[/spoiler]

Cockpit textures are missing but in a strange way - overal color is still correct which makes me think that it may be displaying the smallest mip level or something like that.


Since the problem is there for both FFP and SM3.0 drawing calls, but on the other hand it doesn't affect the whole scene, I suspect it may be caused by messed up render or sampler states. Unfortunately I can't debug it as I don't have an AMD GPU to try.


So my question is: can anyone suggest what to look for?

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Hmm. Obvious and very likely indeed.

Especially since the handling of these states was changed in DX9 and I may have incorrectly saved/restored them when wrapping drawing calls. But why did it work for NVidia then?


Thanks for quick reply :)

I will check it tomorrow.

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