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This error boggles me.

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Hi, Someone who is testing out our game ran into the following error when trying to run it. invalid page fault in the module < unknown >@0000-b000e2df Unable to load function: InternetGetConnected State System: Processor AMD k6/4 450 Amount of system RAM 64MB Video Card Matrox MGA Millennium Operating system Win 95 DirectX 7.0 Now, nowhere in my code do I touch that function or DLL. In fact, there is absolutely no internet functionality in the game whatsoever. Does this sound like i am hitting somewhere in memory that i am not supposed to? Has anyone run across an error similar to this? Any information is welcome. BTW, if anyone wants to test the game out, there is a demo at http://www.iseesoft.com/product/wddownloads.html thanks, Brian iSeeSoft, LLC. brian@iseesoft.com Edited by - BrianH on October 30, 2001 6:13:39 PM

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Someone could have another program running which is hooking all other active programs.

For example I installed a Logitech WingMan gamepad on my work PC, when I debug any application I use (pure D3D, no DInput, even pure Windows), a hook DLL used by the Logitech drivers gets loaded - none of our code does it.

Other programs which might try to do that would be things like personal firewalls (ZoneAlarm etc), virus scanners etc.

Another possibility is that something has tampered with your .exe - either maliciously (a virus or something like BackOrifice) or with user intervention (a self extracting file compressor etc). The best way to check this is to get the user to send you their copy of the .exe and DLLs from your app. Then compare them against what you released and run dependency walker on them to check any new DLL loads.

The final possibility is that another app (like the ones above) has hooked something which you are using a part of. An example is if you were using any Shell_ or SH calls, many of those calls actually get handled by code which ships with Internet Explorer. Someone installing a broken IE plugin or an app trying to hook it to detect web activity (NetNanny etc) could give your app grief when it tries to use part of Explorer.

It sounds like the user has installed something broken or uninstalled something which didn''t clean up after itself or he tried to manually uninstall something and he has a shafted registry.
That machine spec does sound very outdated - the registry could be in quite a mess.

Win95 is also a bit of a messy beast compared to 98 - you need to find out if it''s release 2 (OSR2) or if it''s earlier. If any of your stuff is depending on shell calls, the versions of IE which shipped need upgrading.

One idea might be to persuade the user to point their browser at windowsupdate.microsoft.com which will automatically find any bug fixes and critical updates for their machine.

Finally you''re not doing any multimonitor stuff are you ? or even trying to detect it ? - it won''t work on 95.

Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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Thanks for the info!

No, I do not do any multimonitor stuff, or anything with the internet or IExplorer for that matter. If I find anything else out I will post it.


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