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Algo-Bot Kickstarter momentarily canceled

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I drop this information here because some of our backers came from Gamedev. 
We are profoundly grateful to those of you who backed Algo-Bot but the Kickstarter has to be momentarily canceled for important modifications.
It stills only 10 days to go and we still haven’t reached the 10% threshold of funding smile.png . Except if by an unexpected miracle the game raises $55,000 in a week, we won’t make it. Let’s be honest, the project raises approximately 150 bucks a day. No need to tell you that it’s not enough.
A deep analysis of our project and your comments showed us that we have 2 important problems that must be solved: poor visibility on the project (especially in the US) and thecommunication of the goals of the project.
 The communication
After talking with some of you and reading your comments, it appears that we have serious issues with our communication.  
First of all the message is not clear, what this game exactly is? Is it a game or a learning tool? For whom this game is meant for? Is it for kids, Programmers or programming students?
For example, according to Programmers, the inner-joke headlines were funny but could scare non-programmers. It remains a problem because the game is not only meant for Programmers and can be enjoyed by puzzle lovers? See? The message should be simplified.
The visibility
The press coverage we had represents 2% of the funds we raised which is nothing compared to your shares on social networks that raised nearly 43% of it. Thank you for that by the way!
The error we made here, was to count on press coverage to bring us backers instead of counting on our Kickstarter page to bring us backers and press coverage as a result of popularity.
One says that success doesn’t have to be a goal but always a consequence.
That’s the reason why we decided to cancel Algo-Bot KS campaign for a few months. Just the time to re-arrange the page and make the communication clearer and we’ll be back on Kickstarter. In the meantime our Greenlight campaign goes really well and be sure to spread the word around so the game can continue its ascension.
Finally, you, our beloved backers are welcome to sign up to Algo-Bot Newsletter to keep an eye on the project. Also, if you have any idea to improve the page, let us know! Thank you again for your support!  
Thanks for reading.

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Sorry to hear the Kickstarter didn't go well this time, but we're glad we were able to help raise some awareness!


Good luck with the Greenlight campaign (I voted for you!) and with re-organising your Kickstarter for another try -- be sure to let us know when you're back for another go! smile.png

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I saw your kickstarter a few days ago and was intrigued by it, sorry to hear it hasn't been very successful.


I like your positive spirit, being able to adapt to changing customer needs is super important, best of luck to you!

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Thanks a lot guys. 

It was a very interesting experience. We know where the problem was and we are on the process to create something new hands to hands with our backers :) 



Thx for the vote and for you help! :D

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