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[SQLite3] Major bottleneck at sqlite3_step, sqlite3_exec much faster - why?

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Clearly I'm doing something incorrectly, because the overwhelming consensus is that sqlite3_prepare is considerably faster than sqlite3_exec, but I'm experiencing an extreme bottleneck at the sqlite3_step function.
int err;
std::string sqlstr = std::string("REPLACE INTO `Entities` VALUES(")+std::to_string(id)
err = sqlite3_exec(SQLINTERFACE.getDatabase(),sqlstr.c_str(),nullptr,nullptr,nullptr);
//...error checking code...
Runs about 50~100x faster than
sqlite3_stmt* statement = SQLINTERFACE.getStatement(Interface::ST_ENTITY_EXPORT);
	sqlite3* database = SQLINTERFACE.getDatabase();
err = sqlite3_bind_int64(statement,1,id);
genericSQLError(statement,database,err);//error checking code
err = sqlite3_bind_int64(statement,2,kind);
err = sqlite3_bind_int64(statement,3,nibble);
err = sqlite3_bind_text(statement,4,entityStr.c_str(),entityStr.size(),SQLITE_TRANSIENT);
err = sqlite3_step(statement);
I've copied it verbatim, so there's a few "blackbox" functons, but they aren't responsible for the slowdown. genericSQLError does not alter parameters, or anything referenced by them - it's a utility function for error checking. The code bottlenecks at sqlite3_step, despite sqlite3_exec recieving a directly equivalent statement. I'd appreciate any help finding a possible cause for the bottleneck. P.S> Yes, all of this is in a transaction.

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Thanks for the help! ...but like I said in the PS, this is all one transaction (ie all in one BEGIN/END). Even if it wasn't, that wouldn't explain why sqlite3_exec is faster than sqlite3_step - in both cases, not framing it in a transaction would cause every insert to have its own transaction. I'd appreciate any other ideas, though.

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