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Local texture change

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I want to achieve the model of local scaling, and now want to use the zoom partial transparent textures to achieve, but to change the transparency map texture coordinates is not, I think scaling algorithm for digital image processing, do not know how to write effects algorithms



//Composite Pass Vertex Shader
v2f VS_Composite(a2v In) 

        v2f Out = (v2f)0; 
    Out.texCoord = In.texCoord;        //pass through texture coordinates from channel 1 
        Out.position = mul(In.position, wvp);//transform vert position to homogeneous clip space 
        Out.vNormal  = In.vNormal;
    return Out; 

//Composite Pass Pixel Shader
float4 PS_Composite(v2f In) : COLOR 

        float4 diffuse = tex2D(diffuseMapSampler, In.texCoord.xy);
        In.texCoord.y *=  0.2;
        In.texCoord.x *=  0.2;
        float alphaValue = tex2D(eyeMapAlphaSampler, In.texCoord.xy).r;
        float colorValue = tex2D(eyeMapColorSampler, In.texCoord.xy);

        return diffuse * (1 - alphaValue) + colorValue * alphaValue;

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