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how do I move points quickly in D3D?

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I understand the concept of moving my whole model around through vertex buffers and world transformation matrices. Whats really stumping me is how do I animate my model...? A model is just a bunch of points connected with triangles. Moving a point would affect ALL the triangles connected to it. How do I move that point? My thoughts are... 1) lock the vertex buffer and change the point(s) manually, unlock, transform and draw... (Slow since locking and unlocking every frame) 2) transform 1 triangle connected to that point, draw, transform another triangle connected to that point, draw... etc.. (slow because sending 1 triangle at a time to the drawprimative call) Having constant triangles would be easy, that is triangles that don''t stretch and skew (simple transform would do it).. but triangles that could warp (ex. tall to thin) would require vertex minipulation right? 3) Something with indexed vertices... 4) I''m nuts, my problem is actually a mesh problem and I should just use D3D mesh objects... I just want a efficient way of moving vertex data individually, not calling lock every frame... is there a solution? Thanks in advance!

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