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Need help with texture mapping (Software Renderer).

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Hey there, it's my first time posting after being away for a while.


Basically, I'm writing a software 3D renderer for experience ('ll rarely use it) and I need help with texture mapping onto triangles which are being renderer using the scan-line algorithm. Currently, the 3D renderer I've written already has texture mapping but it maps onto a quad which is rendered using an algorithm I made up which is super slow at high resolutions (plus, it doesn't render triangles, only quads). 


I've implemented the scan-line algorithm pretty easily to render solid colour triangles and it's a lot faster than the algorithm I originally used. The only problem is texture mapping. I've literally been trying to get texture mapping to work for weeks. The resources online are pretty slim apart from a nice article here:




The problem I have with this is that to take a texture triangle and map it over another triangle, which has been split through a vertex, requires the texture to be split as well. It also has to split according to which vertex of the triangle to be rendered has been split with, and a whole load of other stuff.


I'm basically having a real bad time with this and I think I'm over complicating the way texture mapping is supposed to work. I'm getting pretty depressed over the whole thing because I feel like I'm giving up if I move onto another project without finishing one. I just want to finish this 3D renderer and get back to making games.


Can someone please explain how to implement (or how you implemented) texture mapping? At the moment, I'm just not getting it.


Thanks in advance.

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