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Scripting languages

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I have an engine under construction, and while I've entertained tcc (because of direct memory compilation & linking, __and__ its C!), it's just not acceptable.. after all you could create a bitcoin miner instead of managing eg. UI elements


So, which alternatives are there out there that you prefer?

I was thinking about JavaScript, because I really liked it when I was forced to do webdev.

I haven't used lua or angelscript much, anything in particular I should know?

The most important thing I suppose is that I explicitly define my own API, and that it has some core functionality to begin with, eg. abs() sin() etc.

It wouldn't be damning if it didn't.


Also multiplat!

Primarily working on linux

EDIT: static linking too much?

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Lua is crossplatform and linkable statically. But aside from JS and AngelScript, there's also Phyton, Ruby, GameMonkey, to name a few.


In the end it won't really matter that much, none of them has any groundbreaking performance edge nor anything like that. Just do not try to create your own, as this is generally a bad idea.

But if you like JS, and has experience with it, I can see no better option. Look up JS V8 too, if you need an engine.

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