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DX11 Invalid argument when mapping a dynamic vertex buffer

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Hello. I'm writing a render loop in DX11 which should process a couple of characters, one at a time. 
i am using a dynamic vertex buffer, and i have specified for this buffer that the CPU can write to 
it. Normally i should use D3D11_MAP_WRITE when mapping, but this results in an invalid argument. 
i tried setting the CPU flags to WRITE and READ, but then the first creation of the buffer fails with 
invalid argument.
i have this in loadcontent:
  D3D11_BUFFER_DESC vertexDesc;
    ZeroMemory( &vertexDesc, sizeof( vertexDesc ) );
    vertexDesc.Usage = D3D11_USAGE_DYNAMIC;
    vertexDesc.CPUAccessFlags = D3D11_CPU_ACCESS_WRITE;
    vertexDesc.BindFlags = D3D11_BIND_VERTEX_BUFFER;
    const int sizeOfSprite = sizeof( VertexPos ) * 6;  //one sprite is one letter
    const int maxLetters = 24;
    vertexDesc.ByteWidth = sizeOfSprite * maxLetters;
    d3dResult = d3dDevice_->CreateBuffer( &vertexDesc,0, &vertexBuffer_ );
and this in render
for (int i = 0; i < TextRenderClass_->GetNumChars(); i++)
TextRenderClass_->CalcFontSprite(i, p, uv);//calculates positions, works well!
TextRenderClass_->GetChar(i, c);//get the actual character
DrawChar(c, p, uv, i); 
and this in drawChar:
  // Size in bytes for a single sprite.
    const int sizeOfSprite = sizeof( VertexPos ) * 6;
   // verts per-triangle (3) * total triangles (2) = 6.
    const int verticesPerLetter = 6;
    D3D11_MAPPED_SUBRESOURCE mapResource;
    HRESULT d3dResult = d3dContext_->Map( vertexBuffer_,0, D3D11_MAP_WRITE, 0, &mapResource );
   if( FAILED( d3dResult ) )
        //when using MAP_WRITE i get an invalid argument here. not when using MAP_DISCARD
        DXTRACE_MSG( "Failed to map resource!" );
        return false;
    // Point to our vertex buffer's internal data.
    VertexPos *spritePtr = ( VertexPos* )mapResource.pData;
int offset = 6 * i;
spritePtr += offset;
spritePtr[0].pos = XMFLOAT3( p.thisEndX,   p.thisEndY, 1.0f );
    spritePtr[1].pos = XMFLOAT3( p.thisEndX,   p.startY,   1.0f );
spritePtr[2].pos = XMFLOAT3( p.thisStartX, p.startY,   1.0f );
    spritePtr[3].pos = XMFLOAT3( p.thisStartX, p.startY,   1.0f );
    spritePtr[4].pos = XMFLOAT3( p.thisStartX, p.thisEndY, 1.0f );
spritePtr[5].pos = XMFLOAT3( p.thisEndX,   p.thisEndY, 1.0f );
spritePtr[0].tex0 = XMFLOAT2( uv.tuEnd, 0.0f );
    spritePtr[1].tex0 = XMFLOAT2( uv.tuEnd, 1.0f );
    spritePtr[2].tex0 = XMFLOAT2( uv.tuStart, 1.0f );
    spritePtr[3].tex0 = XMFLOAT2( uv.tuStart, 1.0f );
    spritePtr[4].tex0 = XMFLOAT2( uv.tuStart, 0.0f );
    spritePtr[5].tex0 = XMFLOAT2( uv.tuEnd, 0.0f );
    d3dContext_->Unmap( vertexBuffer_, 0 );
d3dContext_->Draw(6, offset);
can anyone help me?

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