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i need help with framework. Well i m about developing a simple combat game. I use directx v6, and using the DirectD3DRM mode. Ok the code i try to write: lpD3DRM->CreateFrame(NULL,&1stFrame); lpD3DRM->CreateFrame(1stFrame,&MyHeroFrame); AddChild(MyHeroFrame); lpD3DRM->CreateFrame(1stFrame,&MyVilainFrame); AddChild(MyVilainFrame); the problem is when i try to move(translate,rotate,etc.) it move both frame. Why? wht i try to move is the child frame from 1stFrame,but why it move the other frame too? All i know if i move the 1stFrame and i will have all the frame of my view is move. But i move the child frame why its parent move too? Pls Help me.

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