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finding water rendering articles or demos

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phil_t    8084

What specifically are you interested in? Reflections? Water optics? Wave simulations?


I have some articles on my blog:


Currently I'm working on an article about height field water simulation (waves).


This page has links to a lot of articles:

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reloadead    1795

I have a demo that demonstrates water that goes a little bit behind the basics (with that I mean refraction/reflection/fresnel), which you can find it here.


I also have a very simple implementation that is just a plane with a color and some scrolling normal maps, which you can find here.


You can download the source and/or the demo on the pages. I don't claim these are the best ways to do it (they were made with some tight time constraints), but it got the job done. Hope it's helpfull in some way. 

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