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Reconstruct position from depth

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I am trying to reconstruct position from depth in World Space (WS), but my code produce incorrect results.


So what I do:


1) Create depth map:

    for each vertex do:


viewPos = POSITION_WS * matrixView;

Depth = viewPos.z / farClipPlane;


2) Get corners of camera view frustrum in WS (cornerRayWS)

3) Use far plane corners and reconstruct depth for (x, y) -> <0,1>


cornerRayWS_interp = lerp(lerp(cornerRayWS[0], cornerRayWS[1], x),

                          lerp(cornerRayWS[2], cornerRayWS[3], x),



reconstructed_posWS = camera_pos_ws + Depth * cornerRayWS_interp;


But my results are incorrect. You can see input calc values for one camera position and view matrices in atached screen. From that I reconstruct position.

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