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Tutorial Doctor

Software Grading: Any Standards?

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Are there any standards that perhaps you use, or know to be actual standards for rating or grading a program?


I rate apps (usually) by these standards:


1) Usefulness

2) Stability

3) Design. 


Out of 5 stars, usefulness gets maximum 2 stars, stability maximum 2 stars, and Design, maximum 1 star. 


Not all software is about speed, so I didn't include that one (although you would want it to be responsive). 


If you don't use the software that much, that could be 1 stars for usefulness, but if you don't have to use it much, but when you do, it is super useful, then you can get that 1 stars back. If it is not useful at all, then 0 stars for usefulness (out of 2). Features would be a part of this too. 


If a software is stable half of the time:

1 star. If it doesn't crash at all, 2 stars for Stability. 


Design could go from layout to intuitiveness. If it is unintuitive though, that might affect the usefulness also. But if it would be useful if it were not laid out so poorly, then that would make Design 0/1 stars, and "usefulness as a result of bad design" minus 1 star automatically. Design could include color scheme also. 


Using these brief standards, I can fairly rate or grade any software I use, and can determine whether or not to delete one app for preference over another. 


There are times when I get a bit emotional though:


"1 Star!!!!!! Terrible update! What were you thinking? I will be deleting this app ASAP!... RSVP!! ABC, TNT!!"





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I think you have a good idea there, but I would think that since everyone else does rate specifically off of 'emotion', a well thought out rating like yours would get lost in the pile of useless ones.


I have found myself using programs that I had actually deleted at first due to being useless to me, but I found a tutorial/book/article that helped me get it to do what I wanted, and made that app productive for my particular project. Even though it worked for me, I would never recommend it to someone else.


I think the feedback/ratings I would focus on if I were a developer would not be those on an app store or website from the random users. Rather from the beta testers and other developers that the application was designed for. The feedback, in my opinion, should be strictly for the users that need that application, and not some random person that found it and misunderstood what it was designed for.



Ah, I got a bit off topic there. I 1 star everything because nothing is perfect!!!!  :P

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I have two gradings:


1) how much money is in my bank at the end of the month

2) how much of my weekend and evening time did I spent fixing bugs


Everything else is subjective to me :)

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