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Macro redefined "D3D11_ERROR"after having installed the VS2012

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After installing the VS2012 on WIN7(And also had the lastest Windows Update),


When i compile, WARNING C4005 Occurs,which never happened before.


And the repeated  definitions are in D3D11.H and WINSDK8.0.H,


how to fix this problem???Help!!


Just use the #pragma disabled? (That's some kind of irresponsibility= =)

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I'm guessing that you're using the headers and libs from the older DirectX SDK? If so, there are steps you have to take in order to make sure that the older headers don't conflict with the new version of the SDK that's included as part of the Windows 8 SDK (which is what VS 2012 uses by default). There are instructions here that can help you get up and running.


Also, please don't use such a large font size when posting.

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